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Moonlight Densetsu

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Even if I am a boy I always enjoyed watching Sailormoon when I was in High school. The reason is that I find the series related to mythology.

I love how the characters blend in and the plot.

I love how they presented the series with love , comedy and action.

Truly a series for kids and will not turn off all ages who love anime.

Most of all I love the music. I love the theme song.

You can read about the theme song in wikipedia

I also love the version and covers done by other artists.


Shoko Nakagawa

My Favorite JPOP Artist this January 2019

My Favorite Artist this January 2019. Been Browsing the Internet and Found a very exciting performance Done By Five wonderful Anime Singers. Below is a list of links on how to find these artists. (No Copy Right Infringement).

Check out their performance at YouTube:

Just Communication:

Rhythm Emotion:

The Artists:

  1. Yumi Matsuzawa (松澤 由美)

  2. Nana Mizuki (水樹 奈々)

  3. Chihiro Yonekura (米倉 千尋)

  4. Hiroko Moriguchi (森口 博子)

  5. Yamashita Atsuko (山下敦子)

Yumi Matsuzawa (松澤 由美)

Wikipedia Article:


Article from Anime News Network

Nana Mizuki (水樹 奈々)

Wikipedia Article


Official Channel

IMDB article

Anime News Network Article


Chihiro Yonekura (米倉 千尋)


Wikipedia Article

Official Website

Anime News Network Article

Other Links


Hiroko Moriguchi (森口 博子)

Wikipedia Article

Official Website

Anime News Network Article


Yamashita Atsuko (山下敦子)

Welcome to My Online Journal

Hello I am Red. I would Like to Call myself the RED REGIS.

What does Red Regis Mean?

To understand this I want to present two definitions


Source of the definition of the word RED:


Source for the meaning of Regis:

Why did I name my Blog/ Online Jouranl like this?

Because I carry with in me the Message of THE KINGLY MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST ) and HIS BLOOD.

Whether my Life is Black or White, His Blood Stands out to help me overcome. With this I would like say that this is my journal. A journal of a man whose life grateful to the blood of the lamb.

I will put into account and hopefully chronicle the things I have encountered in this world that have benefited me and taught me a lesson whether good or bad.

I pray though days may be dark. Light stills shines